Programs for the Apple II by Phade de Grass (Frank Gadegast)

Frank now calls himself 'KeyJ Phad'

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double hires juggler by Phade de Grass

Frank Gadegast AKA "Phade de Grass" is somewhat prolific in his programming. Sometime a little after 1980 around age 14 or so he got his first Apple II computer. Soon he switched to the first IBM-PC's "for making money", decided that they were "no good", and "ran into" his first Unix-machines around 1986 at age 20, leaving behind a "wake" of software and related work that continues today.

One of the products he created for Apple II DOS (probably before 1989) was a unix-inspired shell called "The Phade Shell". There were (and are) many others (see the Downloads section of this website).

It is worth noting that "Phade de Grass" wrote commands for the DAVEX ProDOS shell and extensively contributed programs for Aztec C, extending the capability of their ProDOS shell with his commands and manpages.

It is Frank's work with Aztec C that I consider the most notable for the Apple II. Whether or not anyone besides "Phade de Grass" and a small group of others used his Aztec C work might be a matter of interest... but as a matter of record it is only a small group of hobbyists that you could likely count on the toes of your left foot doing so today. In fact the Apple II itself would have probably vanished from the planet by now except for small groups of hobbyists keeping it alive. Thankfully this continues through the efforts of people like Frank who offer their Apple II software as if it were still "yesterday". Even then he probably did so mostly for fun.

See the Downloads section of this website for more information.

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Links and Downloads

The Hard Way

Note that "Phade de Grass" has indicated that he prefers downloads to be done from his ftp site. However, in doing so you will need to deal with unix-like (tar.gz) archives containing multiple binscii-encoded (bsq) files that sequentially reconstruct into shrinkit (shk) archives. Then you will need to build Apple II disks with the content of the shrinkit archives. Also the binscii encoded (bsq) files are in unix text format and must be converted to apple text format before un-binscii'ing them in ProDOS 8.

The Easy Way

The consensus in the Apple II online community is that these should simply be available on disk images. Therefore the downloads below reflect both preferences.

Note also that like "Phade de Grass" for his MS-DOS, Windows, and Mpeg downloads, I use the zip archive format (which is commonly used on Windows computers) to store and organize files on my websites. I do not use unix-like archives or binscii encoded files since I see no need to make Windows users like myself suffer needlessly through barbaric and medieval archiving rituals.

Disk Images at Apple Oldies

Apple II Related FTP directories at
Tools for Windows Users
Tools for Apple II Users

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Phade de Grass (Frank Gadegast)

I graduated in 1995

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Frank now calls himself 'KeyJ Phad'

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