Michael's Shell and ProBlock Block Copier for ProDOS by Michael J. Pender Jr.

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"A guilty conscience is the mother of invention." - Carolyn Wells

Michael J. Pender Jr. was quite keen on Hyper C when he wrote the software on this page. From what I know, he was a student then and the Apple II was still in relatively wide use. I also noted that Mike participated in the comp.sys.apple2.programmer Newsgroup as late as 2003 when the Apple II was not in such wide use. I think he had also moved to Arlington, VA from Suffield, CT by then. He was still keen on Hyper C. He seems to have vanished from the Apple II Newsgroup scene since about 2005.

One of the products he created for ProDOS was a command shell which extends the BASIC interpreter. Another was a low-level disk editor. Mike's command shell was not really unix inspired unlike the Aztec C Shell and some other shells for DOS 3.3 and ProDOS, and one reason it remains noteworthy is it levered the interpreter that was shipped with ProDOS.

"I thought the coolest thing about the shell program was that it enabled multi-tasking on the Apple II computers. Some of the programs in the set could create a typeahead buffer for the keyboard (versus the Apple's buffer that trapped one and only one key) or simulate a clock. Multitasking on a 1 MHz machine with interrupts was quite a trick back in the day." - Michael Pender March, 2010

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"A guilty conscience needs to confess. A work of art is a confession." - Albert Camus

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